this is low-res!

Hi, my name ist Andreas Paul. I'm an interactive media designer/developer living in munich, germany and this site is my archive for all the projects and experiments I work on if I find the time.

By day I work as a programmer of interactive and web-based applications at WE BYTE, a small company I ran together with a friend.

In my spare time I like playing around with the creation of audio- and interactive graphics and also the production of electronic dance music. But I'm/was also involved in scenic readings, music- and movie-projects.

Most of the stuff you can see here utilises Processing or ActionScript/Flash. For most of the audio stuff I'm using Ableton Live, Logic and NI Traktor. But I'm also interested in working with QuarzComposer, Arduino/Wireing, VDMX, Processing ...

If you like the works, are interested in sourcecode or have other questions about it, don't hesitate to leave a comment or drop me a mail.

I'm also a member of the germany based artists collective kopffuessler. A loose pool of likeminded people, all sharing an enthusiasm for technology, design and sound. If you are interrested in our VJ-ing activities visit us at

I'm using vimeo (as mut.ant), mixcloud and soundcloud (as Dr. Bumquist) for outsourcing some of the visual and audible works. You can also visit me there and leave comments.

Have fun - and keep it low-res!