3 Color LED matrix

Year: 2009
Tools: Flash / Actionscript


I love LED walls! Large-sized, they are the highlight of every interior design. Because of their brightness, they are of course very popular to VJs. But I also like them for their very own appearance. They may do have a low resolution, but that just makes the attraction and gives the visuals a very distinct look.


I wanted a similar effect for a website project and so this software version of an RGB LED wall arose. 

The LED wall can be feed with any display object and renders it. The class for the LED wall was designed to make it easy to plug in various pre- and post-processing effects. In this example, you can see, for example, a Bloom filter in action, that lets the LEDs glow so nicely.

By clicking onto the swf, you can switch between different input-screen objects. Or press SPACE to show/hide a settings panel.

On the about page you can see a small variation of the screen. Size and position of each LED triple depends on mouse position, which results in some really nice effects.