live visuals 2009

Year: 2009
Tools: Quartz Composer, VDMX

There was not much time in 2009 playing with VJing and performing live. Only a few gigs took place and time for working on new material was also rare. Anyway, when I found the time, I mostly focused on working with QuartzComposer in combination with VDMX.

I really love the ability to use Quartz-Patches as filters or image-sources in VDMX and controll and sync them via parameters.

I always try to keep my visuals simple and clear. I like to limit the visual elements to only a few parts and/or principles. The examples you can see here all use only one (mostly) simple qz-patch wich gets controlled and visually enhanced by some filters in VDMX. The visuals you can see here are all generated in realtime, there are no pre-produced assets, like clips and images used.

I also made some CoreImage filters for VDMX. You can see one of them in action in "micro sample 003" - the blue one. It's a quite simple polarcoorinates-like filter, but the effect is very nice...