dither automat

Year: 2007
Tools: Processing

As an early idea for a corporate design element for our small company WE.BYTE, we thought about doing something with gif-dithering. We loved the aesthetic impression of dithered images and so i tried to build a little dithering-filter in processing. During experimenting and learning about the algorithms a small tool evolved, wich allows to generate multiple layers of the same image, with differen dithering settings.

Although we soon droped the dithering-idea as an element of our corporate design, I liked the style of the originated images and coninued working on the small dithering tool. It now exports the resulting images in vector-based pdf-format, which makes it possible to produce big-prints from it.


What you can see here is a small series of images that originate from Covers of old Atari 2600 cardriges.