Beat Speak - Steve Blame reads William S. Burroughs

Year: 2004
Type: mutimedial textperformance
Tools: mut.ant


In autum 2004 I was asked to contribute to a textperformance that was planed as part of a William S. Burroughs retrospective at the Filmhaus in Cologne.


The concept was developed together with with Steve Blame, Robert Rose and Christian Werner where my focus was of cause on the VJ-part. I finished the beta-version of mut.ant some month before, so this event became the first real "gig" for the software.

Excerpt from the press text:


21st century VJ-ing: Abstract image staccato in combination with texts by William S. Burroughs.

This multimedia event in cologne in december 2004 was an assemblage of films by Anthony Balch and Derek Jarmen, Photos, Graphics and Videos all inspired by Burroughs' "cutup Technique".

Mixing newly commissioned images and music, alongside the films from Balch and Jarman, Steve Blame read some of the most relevant and entertaining excepts from Burroughsâ?? work.


Filmhaus Cologne, 6.+7.12.2004

In cooperation with:
Steve Blame, Robert Rose, Christian Werner