wordyrappinghoods - a mutimedial textperformance

Year: 2005
Type: mutimedial textperformance
Tools: mut.ant


After the "Beat Speak"-Project we were asked by c/o-pop organisers if we would do a multimedial performance at the festival. The team agreed and we started to work on an idea.


The result was an audio/video reading about the influence of pop-music to our lifes. We mixed song lyrics, samples and images to a journey through the pop-universe of the last 60 years.


c/o pop 2005 - Cologne, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, 2005-08-24

In cooperation with:
Steve Blame , Robert Rose, Christian Werner, Peter Pardeike

From the press text:

"A marriage of lyrics, music, images and performance; we talk about the influence of pop music on our lives. Pop songs are our shared musical memory, when the texts of these famous pieces start to act on their own, poetic adventure begin in our minds.

We grow up with pop music and it is our constant companion to the non-means instant death. The life story that is told, not only exemplifies the life of the narrator, but also has a special meaning for the audience. While the guests are still trying to guess the songs, they have already become part of the show."