Year: 2002/2003
Type: animaton / 2:47 min / color / mono


04/2003 sehsüchte Filmvestival Potsdam, Germany
12/2003 emergeandsee Filmvestival Berlin, Germany
12/2003 emergeandsee Filmvestival London, UK
04/2004 emergeandsee Filmvestival Budapest, Hungary


This short movie was a semester project at the university of applied sciences, Augsburg. It was a collaboration with Karin Zierer, Georg Henzler and Estefania Garcia.


Excerpt from the press text:
ekostal - a word out of a strange, surreal world to which the students of FH Augsburg take us. During a semester project to the topic "Strange Worlds" given by Prof. Robert Rose emerged a stop motion short film with this name. Ekostal doesn't tell a conventional story. It rather is an impression - a short insight into an unknown and incomprehensive world.


Parts of dolls, wraped in plastic foil, are being pulled through a room by a mechanic rope. A robot takes the parts down and puts them into a rusty box. Lucent eyes seem to observe the scene, a second robot amputates hisself and in the very end of the room lies a living creature, fastened on a bed. A metal hand writes notes to the incidents and gradually and without obvious reasons the goings speed up. Everything seems to go awry.

A short nightmare of disturbing things...