Year: 2003
Tools: Flash / AS1


This was a project for Siemens mobile. They asked the agency, I was working for, to develop a small game for their formulaOne microsite.

Aim of the game is to put all the colored boxes on the conveyor at the bottom of the screen into the trucks at the top. The boxes must be put into the truck with the same color.

After taking a box, you have 20 seconds to carry it to the corresponding truck. On the way you will encouter several obstacles and dangers that will give you a hard time...

Idea, concept and coding was my part, all the lovely illustrations and animations were done by the well known grafitti and street-art artist wonABC.

Coding was quite challenging in this project. I started working with flash just one year before and developing an isometric game engine was far beyond what I coded before in flash. But it was a good experience and I learned a lot in this project.

Userfeedback for pitpacker was really great and so the game-engine was also used for several other Siemens mobile projects, with differend graphics of cause. E.g. a christmas version, where santa had to pack his slide with gifts...