Pixelbender Plasma-Filter

As a first project to get my hands on pixelbender, I tried to implement a plasma effect.

AS3 Plasma Effect

Old-school plasma effect done in AS3 with setPixel()


a mutimedial textperformance at c/o pop festival in cologne in 2005.


Isometric jump'n'run game for siemens mobile

dither automat

nice retro-style images using multiple layers of gif-dithered images.


A Quartz-Patch rendering moving, textured metaballs. Done with a CoreImage filter.

beat speak

steve blame reads william s. bourroughs. A multimedial textperformance.


This short movie was a semester project at the university of applied sciences, Augsburg

live visuals

In 2009 a lot of vjing stuff emerged from playing with quarz omposer and vdmx. see some examples here...

A/V Festival 2009

Small but very fine contemporary visual arts and music event


mut.ant, a modular vj-software toy was a project i did as my diploma thesis back in 2004


minimalistic music video from 2001.

Flash RGB LED matrix

3 Color LED Screen Simulation in Flash.

wall of lines

Perlin noise flow field experiment.


Mountenbike racing game in flash. Using mode7 engine for pseudo 3d optics.